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John Deere 1470, 1570 Combine South American Edition Operation, Maintenance & Diagnostic Tests Service Manual TM801119

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Instant Download John Deere 1470, 1570 Combine South American Edition Operation, Maintenance & Diagnostic Test Service Manual TM801119

It Contains Information Concerning The Operation, Maintenance & Diagnostic Test Service Manual For John Deere 1470, 1570 Combine. With This In-Depth & Highly Detailed Manual You Will Be Able To Operate On Your Vehicle With The Absolute Best PDF Manual. Which Makes It Easy For You To Work On Your Vehicle

Model Covered:
John Deere 1470, 1570 Combine

Manual Contents:
References in this manual
      Safety Information
      Trouble Codes During Calibrations
      INFO-TRAK Trouble Codes
      CCU Trouble Codes
      HCU Trouble Codes
   Engine System
      General Information
      Test and Adjustment Procedures
      Engine Diagnostics
      Identification and Location of Components
   Cooling and Air Intake Systems
      General Information
      Test and Adjustment Procedures
      Air Intake System Diagnostic
      Engine Cooling System Diagnostic
      Identification and Location of Components
   Electrical System
      How To Use Diagnostic Information
      Trouble Codes
      Fuse Board
      Starting the Engine
      Engine Shut-Off-1470 (6.8 L)
      Engine Shut-Off-1570 (8.1 L)
      Recharging Battery
      Engine Speed Sensor-1470 (6.8 L) and 1570 (8.1 L)
      ECU - Power Feed-1570 (6.8 L)
      ECU - Fuel System and Throttle-1570 (6.8 L)
      ECU - Sensors-1570 (6.8 L)
      ECU - Warning Light and Interface-1570 (6.8 L)
      CCD Bus - Communication between Boards
      CCU - Power Feed
      CCU - Separator Engage
      CCU - Separator Speed Adjustment
      CCU - Header Engage
      CCU - Unloading Auger Engage
      CCU - Unloading Auger Engage
      CCU - Reverser Engage
      CCU - Chaff Spreader Speed Adjustment
      CCU - Straw Chopper Engage
      CCU - Straw Chopper Speed Sensor
      CCU - Fan Speed Adjustment
      CCU - Fan Speed Sensor
      CCU - Concave Adjustment
      CCU - Fuel Level
      CCU - Engine Coolant Temperature
      CCU - Engine Oil Pressure - 1470 (6.8 L) and 1570 (8.1 L)
      CCU - Engine Oil Pressure - 1570 (6.8 L)
      CCU - Parking Brake
      CCU - Tailings Elevator Auger Speed Sensor
      CCU - Straw Walker Crankshaft Speed Sensor
      CCU - Clean Grain Elevator Auger Speed Sensor
      CCU - Engine Air Filter Sensor - 1470 (6.8 L) and 1570 (8.1 L)
      CCU - Engine Air Filter Sensor - 1570 (6.8 L)
      CCU - Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor
      CCU - Hydraulic Oil Level and Filter Sensor
      CCU - Grain Tank Filling Level Sensor
      CCU - Plugging Sensors
      CCU - Reel speed
      HCU - Power Feed
      HCU - Automatic Cutting Height Control - Flex Header
      HCU - Automatic Cutting Height Control - Rigid Header
      HCU - Automatic Cutting Height Control - Corn Header
      HCU - Manual Cutting Height Control
      HCU - Cutting Platform Automatic Lateral Tilt Control
      HCU - Corn Header Automatic Lateral Tilt Control
      HCU - Header Manual Lateral Tilt Control
      HCU - Manual Control of Reel Horizontal Position
      HCU - Manual Control of Reel Vertical Position
      HCU - Cutterbar Pressure Adjustment
      HCU - Corn Header Deck Plates Adjustment
      INFO-TRAKINFO-TRAK is a trademark of the Deere & Company Monitor/ Drive Shaft Speed Monitor
      Harvest Performance Monitor
      Windshield Washer
      Windshield Wiper
      Cigarette Lighter
      Fuse Tester
      Pneumatic Seat Compressor
      Cab Interior Light
      Cab Auxiliary Work Lights
      Work Lights and Spot Lights On Mirror Arms
      Unloading Auger Lighting
      Reverse Light and Backup Alarm
      Engine and Sieves Lighting
      Brake Lights
      Switch Lighting
      Turn Signal and Hazard Warning Lights
      Beacon Lights and Grain Tank Lighting
      Four-Wheel Drive
      AutoTrac Power Feed
      HCU Test Procedures
      CCU Test Procedures
   Drive Train
      Checking Parts for Wear
      Hydrostatic System Test
   Four-Wheel Drive
      Two-Speed Four-Wheel Drive
   Brakes, Steering and Rear Axle
      Brake System
      Drum Brakes
      Steering System
   Hydraulic System
      General Information
      Identification of Type
      Main and Secondary Control Block - A-Type
      Unified Hydraulic Valve Block - B-Type
      Reel and Reverser (Without Chaff Spreader)
      Reel, Reverser and Chaff Spreader
      Header Raise
      Hydrostatic Drive
      Location of Hydraulic Components
      Cab and Operator`s Seat
   Air Conditioning and Heating
      Air Conditioning and Heating
      Ventilation and Heating-Troubleshooting
      Operational Tests and Troubleshooting
      Air Conditioning System Operation

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